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you really a bitch if you let the microwave hit zeros while your family is asleep you disrespectful bitch

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"I bet you can tell I’m a woman," she said, "and I suspect the rest of the world can, too."

She said she was all too aware that if she was selected, she would represent several hundred male athletes in the N.B.A.; she would deal with league officials and agents who were nearly all men; she would negotiate with team owners who were almost all men; and she would stand before reporters who were predominantly men.

She did not flinch. “My past,” she told the room, “is littered with the bones of men who were foolish enough to think I was someone they could sleep on.”

Michele Roberts, the new head of the NBA Player’s Union (via New York Times)

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Bill Cosby weighs in on being intimate when getting older!


Bill Cosby weighs in on being intimate when getting older!

Act my age?
What the fuck is that, “act my age”?
What do I care how old I am?
The Ocean is old as fuck.
It will still drown your ass with vigor.
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No one else finds this AT ALL disconcerting? Not even a little bit?

Here’s why there is no media coverage, folks: because the media literally can’t get in there.

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I have a policy about honesty and ass-kicking
which is
if you ask for it
i'm going to give it to you